When falling in love with sailing, one sets themselves a goal to spend more time one the water, accumulate all the knowledge and skills they can and look to others for inspiration. 


If you have the ambition, self determination, resilience and a dream, the road to sailing success can be achieved. It takes tremendous courage and a strong belief in yourself to accomplish your goals.

Be Authentic, Have a vision, eliminate negative forces, Never-give-up and believe in yourself. Aspire to succeed in your individual plan and look to inspiring and support others that follow behind.  


Our group is the ideal environment to connect with women & men from all levels of sailing. 

The opportunity to enjoy Events and Sailing all around Australia and the World.

Establish new relationships, meet new people who have the same passion and connect with clubs  who support women in sailing.


Through connecting, taking control and engaging, you are empowered and feel more confident. With an inner strength and confidence “You can do it!”. 

It's about recognising, acknowledging and removing the barriers faced by women involved, or wanting to be involved in Sailing. Opening the doors to changing the culture of sailing to one that values diversity and enables the full involvement of women at all levels and in every aspect of sailing. 

About Us

 Sailing Women's Network is a private facebook group, founded in May 2018, for like minded women who enjoy and participate in inshore and offshore yacht racing around Australia and overseas.   

Now over 300+ strong it shares information on women's sailing around Australia and the world. 

The group was formed with the idea to encourage networking and promote participation at all sailing events.  

As the site has grown we have shared inspirational stories, world sailing news, Sailing events from our shores and around the globe. 

Open to those who actively participate in weekly racing, volunteering and key industry professionals, our group supports all levels of sailing skills and works with those who have a visions of participating in yacht racing. 

In the coming year we will be growing our group and developing partnerships that should benefit our members, more opportunities to connect with other sailors around Australia and overseas. We welcome women with a passion for yacht racing at all levels to connect through our facebook group and other social media links. 

Enjoy the Action.

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Sailing Women's Network Australia

Mobile: 0433 002 130